Peace Guardians Permie Pixie Youth Program

An Introduction to Permaculture Principles designed for children, ages 6-12 by Malaika Butoyi, Spring 2021

The first thing I wanted to do after completing Sarah Wu and Ryan Rising's Permaculture Design Certification course (at Heartland Collective in Northern California April 2021), was plant a garden. The second thing, was teach. A Facebook friend recommended me to an organization called Peace Guardians: Holistic Youth Education and Mindfulness (pictured: Zachariah Fisher, Malaika Butoyi and the kids at Conejo Botanical Gardens).

Introducing the ever-evolving Peace Guardians Permie Pixies. With a hands-on approach, we:

  • Discuss Permaculture Principles - such as: Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share.

  • Get curious about how to apply the Principles in real life through interactive projects such as nature walks, arts and crafts, and a visit to a local farm.

  • Connect to the worldwide network of Permaculture happenings for inspiration.

  • Honor our ancestors' wisdom and take care of the earth for future generations.

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