Oh, The Shade!

Have you ever arrived at an event, only to wonder: Where are the snacks? How about after dancing up a sweat, you look around and think: It’s about time for a drink in the shade.

We are riding the same rainbow. This is how the idea for Shady Tea Corner was born. I created a peaceful place to replenish and revive, aligned with yogic principles that have balanced my life for the last ten years.

Wildcrafted herbal elixirs, healthy teas and tonics, plus seasonal snacks can be found here. Currently a mobile service for conscious events; a physical location to be announced soon.

Thank you, Farmers’ Market friends of Los Angeles - and to my loving patrons - for helping my vision come to life.

In Burundi, my father’s home country in East Africa, we ask as a greeting: Have you eaten yet? It is truly a goddess-gift to share my love with food. Here’s to your health!

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