Deepen the Journey

The images are of the Hindu Goddess Durga, symbolizing positive energy and Divine Shakti (Female quality). I was inspired to write this piece in honor of Durga, who combats fear and darkness. Photo credit: Reena Gauchan, Kathmandu Boutique

As I deepen my understanding on the journey to my best self,

I notice that every little thing matters. How I approach a pose in yoga reflects how I approach a situation in life. Am I hard or soft in this posture? What do I need to strengthen and what can I let go of? How do I deepen my enjoyment of this moment?

This is what fascinates me about the practice. Yoga serves as a test kitchen for how we go about the Art Of Living. A truly holistic guide to living well, Yoga has blessed me time and again with the opportunity to regain my innocence.

A sense of wonder overtakes me as I step onto my mat each day. When I sit in Lotus posture, consciousness reaches up along my spine’s natural curves. Beyond my wildest imagination, awareness draws wisdom down into my being. Roots me into the earth. My senses awaken to the vibrant, living Earth.

Enhance my understanding of this moment, this precious moment: all that we ever have. Breathe with me. Deepen your experience here. Enjoy the journey more fully!

Om Shanti - call for peace.

With love,

Malaika Vida

Malaika Vida is a wellness practitioner in Los Angeles. She has been studying self-realization meditation for twenty years. Look for her wellness sessions on

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