Happiness Mantras

Power Yoga Teacher Training Winter 2015 Pasadena

Happiness is the absence of pain.

It is the belly laugh bubbling up spontaneously.

It is a surrender to what life has in store.

When I sit and meditate, I feel my ego's tight grip over mind and body relax.

In silence: peaceful energetic rain falls softly onto the crown of my head, my shoulders, and down my spine.

In stillness, my heart blossoms open in compassionate awareness.

With my third eye open, I see what I can do to help others.

In my peripheral vision, I sense the unflagging support of my ancestors.

Grounded in aareness of my root chakra - muladhara -, I feel the earth, solid beneath me.

I visualize the colors red and yellow, glowing orbs which float upwards along my body, healing me.

Inhaling fresh air, oxygenated by calla lilies, I feel very much alive.

Aware of my vulnerability, I accept all possible outcomes to my pursuits.

Guided by my intuition, I follow my passions to their depths.

In gratitude, I continue to give thanks to those who make my life worth living.

When I open my eyes to see the world again in sunlit splendor, my heart sings.

Notice, notice, notice all I can, and I am happy once again.

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