Maka Wow! Makawao, HI

Makawao, HI

Blessed to witness a triple rainbow wedding of my brother, Brendan and new sister, Ashley on their homestead in Makawao, Maui Island. I was gifted a whirlwind tour of exciting wedding activity, rambunctious and friendly Irish hospitality, punctuated by periods of reflective silence during yoga with mom, meditations with chickens, goats, Upcountry mountain showers, and Kihe ocean waves. As the mother of the groom would say, Mother Maui embraced me heartily with open, jasmine and tuberose-scented arms.

Foodland, Maui

My contributions: sang with family, chose live orchid plants for the bride to plant in her magnificent garden after the wedding (including one scented like chocolate, a very rare find!), made watermelon and orange tea fusion and chopped up a fine fruit salad of watermelon, papaya, pineapple, apple, and grapes.

On to coach our first round of Teacher Training at new CorePower Yoga studio in Pasadena, my hometown. I feel flushed of my old life and ready to breathe life into the new!

AUM: When I chant the universal uniting sound OM, it's really in three parts: A - I hail the Creative Force within me, to start new projects, U - the Sustaining Force, to follow though on my passions, and M - the Recycling Force, to renew old energy into something useful to me and the world. Physiologically, chanting OM clears my throat, awakens my vocal chords to teach, and opens my sinuses. True Story! What blessings and well-wishers are in your life? How can you recycle the old into new this fall? See you on the Mat!

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