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5 Points of Postural Awareness​

Produced by JQ Williams

Become aware of your

posture and breath to

de-stress and take pressure

off low back and shoulders. 

Take three minutes to find

your bliss with L.A. yoga

teacher Malaika Vida.



Selfless Service


It is a joy to share my knowledge of mindful living through yoga to positively impact the world around me! I encourage you to:


Connect with your Sangha, Community.


Giving back to your

community is an important

part of a mindful practice. 

Click below if you would like

to get involved!

Human Connection Guru Arjuna O'Neal's

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"Every time I took your yoga classes you amazed me.  You still do.  You have an incredible warmth and energy that inspired me; so even though I had never previously considered BootCamp, since you were the one asking, I thought it must be something worthwhile.  I am exceptionally glad I did. 


I feel like I have gotten stronger mentally and physically, and it has been an invaluable experience.  You helped push me to my edge, sometimes even appealed to my competitive side, and it helped me grow. 


You were more than just an instructor for me - you were my support system, my motivator, and a friend.  I can truly say it never would have happened without you. 


Thank you for everything you've done, it meant a lot."


Nicole R. Ortiz

-Corepower Yoga


May 2014
















"Hi Malaika, I just wanted to tell you that I'm feeling the fittest and healthiest I've ever been in my life.  I wanted to thank you for being such a positive force to me.  Love you very much."


-Joey Godoy

Corepower Yoga

Two Time BootCamper

May and September 2014


"There's no one more animated and inspiring than Malaika - she made the mornings come alive with her enthusiasm and zest for practice."


- Anonymous, Corepower Yoga Bootcamp Survey

Wilshire Studio

August 2013