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January 18th, 2021: Burundi Friends International Suzuki Program teaches children Musical Education Worldwide.

Here is the story of Rose Quartet in honor of MLK Jr Day.

Fundraiser to benefit Burundi Friends International

For Facebook's Giving Tuesday in December 2020, I chose for their commitment to Education and Economic Improvement for Burundians.


My father's home country is Burundi, East Africa. I am currently writing a book about the oral traditions, my family's story of Diaspora, and Land Reclamation. My family plans to build a school there next year. We are currently seeking investors.

Dance Alchemy Event:

The New Renaissance

Sunday, December 27th, 2020 at 8 pm PDT

Join us for a Tantric celebration of the Human Spirit in Dance!

Subscribe to: Ariane's Thread on YouTube for Tantric dance videos.


We had so much fun last year sharing wellness tools! Stay tuned for more Partners in Wellness events in 2021.

CBD Therapeutics Workshop With Mateo J Daniel at Evoke Yoga Wednesday, June 26th 6:15-8:15pm.






Standing Acro With Woodrow, Photo by Darius Mrkonic in Santa Monica 2016

(Top Left)

Holi Festival, Norwalk 2015

Teaching Yoga with LA Acro Aficionado Chris Filkins started my love of Acro Yoga!

Acro Yoga is a great way to deepen your practice with another.


I wrote a micro story about Green Tara, the Mother of Liberation and all Buddhas. She is quick to help those who have lost their way. She is a metaphor, a star leading to enlightenment.

Yogaphiles web series


KTLA 5 News Benefits of Chanting video

JZ Fitness blog

Namaskar mudra. Photo credit: JQ Williams
Hanumanasana, splits pose. Photo credit: Kumi Yogini at The Culver Hotel
Holi Festival with Christopher Filkins in Norwalk, CA
Foot to hand with Woodrow at Original Muscle Beach, Santa Monica
Parivrtta Virabhadrasana, reverse warrior. Photo credit: Kumi Yogini at The Culver Hotel
Black and White Yogi Meditation Seat. Photo Credit: Kumi Yogini at The Culver Hotel
camatkarasana, wild thing. Photo credit: Ramin Rahm Sharifi
Veda Yoga Studio, Culver City

Veda Yoga Center

My mentor, Kumi Yogini owns this lovely studio offering all kinds of yoga!

Veda Yoga Center

9349 Venice Blvd

Culver City, California

(310) 621-2063



BOOTCAMP is a Two-week HIIT Circuit Training Program.


I LOVE to lead BootCamps in LA! Here's what Campers have to say.

Core Power Yoga BootCamp was amazing!!

By Day 3 I started noticing I had more energy, was more focused at work.   

I gained three hours of productive time - ready to start my day at 7AM.

My spinning teacher noticed a big change in my strength and endurance.

Malaika is a hi-energy, nurturing coach and her assistants were the best.

Sign me up for the next one!

-Robyn S.



I love love love this place!! Core Power Yoga is simply the best in Los Angeles and instructor Malaika is the best there is!

Her sculpt and boot camp classes kick your butt and are by far the best of all classes at the studio! Well worth the expensive membership in my opinion and recommend it to all levels of yoga lovers.

  • Krystyna C., Downtown, Los Angeles, CA