Winter 2021 Updates:
Wellset Review: Catch my Yoga Nidra class at 5 pm PST In the fifth week of their Business in Alignment series. Visit to learn more!
Honored to share my favorite yoga pose and the reason why I practice in Habibi Body Sport's series: FROM THE MAT Habibi 
HOLIDAY WELLNESS SPECIAL! Book a one-on-one session with me via
Choose from either - 
1) Yoga For Balance, or
2) Wellness Techniques
$60 per hour
Gift cards now available!
Includes Energy Work/Meditation Coaching.
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Tell me what you would like to accomplish  
And I will tailor the session to suit your unique
needs! Happy to be of service.
Thrive, not just survive this holiday season.
Enhance wellness for yourself or a loved one.
Group Class Offering: Water Flow 
Wednesdays at 10 am
*Check studio for modified holiday schedule 
One Life Yoga 
One Life Yoga Pasadena
1365 North Hill Ave Suite #1359

Water Flow is: an energizing form of yoga in the Vinyasa style. Vinyasa means, "to place in a special way," matching quality of breath to mindful movement. We flow with the breath to feel our natural rhythm and unite our energies.


Catch my outdoor live 1-hour Water Flow class at One Life Yoga Wednesdays at 10 am. Sign up in advance to reserve your spot. Drop-ins are $12. Memberships also available. BYO mat. Shade, water, and restroom available. Use their app or website to sign up in advance. Also check out The Pantry Shop on-site for farm-fresh produce and locally-sourced home goods. 

New Class Offering: Yoga for Balance

Yoga for Balance is: meditation and breathwork, leading to a satisfying stretch and flow series. 50-minutes of well-rounded practice. Includes yogic philosophy, vinyasa and therapeutics. 

About Me:


About me: I started this path to Self-Realization because I suffered from panic attacks and developed severe social anxieties during my undergraduate years back east at an Ivy League school. I thought I was supposed to be there, jumping through the scholastic hoops, but following someone else's script was killing my soul.


I realized the trouble came from a misalignment deep within. Unresolved issues from my childhood were manifesting in my adult life in alarming ways, creating self-sabotage and chaos. It was time to write my own story in my unique voice.

I most recently completed Sarahpeutics Thai Massage training with Sarah Yovovich and Sonia Peltzer at Altus in West LA on 12/7/19. It was a beautiful journey into deepening my understanding of Therapeutics. Thai massage does not try to "fix," anything. I hold space for you to heal yourself with the power of touch and energy work. A relaxed mind works better. A relaxed body holds less tension. In flow state, we step out of linear time, thus halting the aging process.

When I sit still and listen, I can hear the words of the wise woman I am meant to be. Cultivating inner peace allows me to take the reigns of my emotions, find balance, and enhance my experience here on Earth.


Please allow me to provide space for you to actualize your truest potential. You do not need to have any of the same issues I faced in order to benefit from the yogic system of living. You could simply wish to thrive rather than survive. It is my dharma to serve, and your birthright to enjoy this life most fully!

Achieve subtle body awareness to find your best self.

Affiliated Studios:

Home Studio

One Life Yoga

(626) 714-7447

1365 N Hill St #1359

Pasadena 91104

Mentor Studio

Veda Yoga Center

(310) 621-2063 

9349 Venice Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232


What happens when you manifest your intention? Examine your motives. Discover what awakens your highest self. Define your goals to enhance your experience! Intentional living is so attractive because no effort is wasted. My mission is to hold space for you to fulfill your Dharma - True Purpose. Manifestation leads to magical happenings. :) Achieve subtle body awareness. Enjoy healing energy work to find your best self on the mat.

My yoga practice connects me to my environment. Yoga allows me to communicate more openly and honestly with people. Yoga increases awareness of my self and my dharma - life's work - in the world. Yoga unleashes a powerful creative force by inviting flow state. 


Forward-thinking CEOs, avant-garde artists, attuned athletes, and incredible healers spend a large percentage of time cultivating flow state. Flow state reduces stress and increases productivity. Flow state leads to periods of bliss. Bliss is a profound sense of peace, belonging, and purpose. Let go of the ego's expectations and trust an all-pervasive consciousness.


To enjoy a pattern in birds' flight, the pleasing symmetry in a seashell, or the shape of a leaf, is to acknowledge the beauty of the universal order. When I experience bliss, the outline of my self dissolves. I am one with the earth, the sky, the stars, and all sentient beings. Bliss comes with full trust in the now. Bliss gifts the practitioner the most pleasurable moments in life.

Ways to Connect:

With love and respect,

Malaika Vida 



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